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2700 Overhill Circle
Nashville, TN 37214


We are a team of wedding videographers based in Nashville, Tennessee who are dedicated to creating cinematic and modern wedding videos that bring your unique story to life. 


We would love to meet with you face to face and answer all of your  questions in person (like our favorite flavors of ice cream and other important stuff you really want to know), but we also have answers to some other types of questions in the meantime.


Do you travel outside of the Nashville area?

Absolutely!  We will travel anywhere in the world to capture your wedding day.


Do you have liability insurance?



What formats can the final video be in?

High definition Blu-Ray disc and DVD.


Do you have lighting equipment to accommodate a more dimly-lit event?



How many videographers will be at my wedding?



Do I get to meet with you before the wedding?

Yes!  We actually prefer to meet with you before the wedding to understand the best way to tell your story and let your unique personality shine through.