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We are a team of wedding videographers based in Nashville, Tennessee who are dedicated to creating cinematic and modern wedding videos that bring your unique story to life. 

Family Video

Unique and cinematic short films that will show your family just how much they mean to you.

Each film begins with a personalized slideshow made with one of our three options that include: 'Spring Afternoon', 'Autumn Forest', or 'Sunny Orchard'. 

Personalized slideshow from our 'Spring Afternoon' option.

We also film a 'stories' portion, where you and other family members or friends can tell favorite memories or touching stories that you have shared over the years.

You tell your favorite memories you have shared over the years.

Every Family Film comes with an online link and a DVD or Blu-ray in a beautiful case that you can pass down from generation to generation.

Family films make the perfect gift for any holiday, birthday, or special occasion!

Pricing starts at $300.